Few of my recent work gathered together in a small album.

Here’s “Vegetal” recently ordered  from Saal Digital Uk.

All the photos presented are black and white scanned from medium format film, and considering my previous experience with different printing companies, I didn’t expect much, to be completely honest.

But Saal Digital Uk, a company which I never heard of, completely changed my mind.

The quality of their products is amazing and I was very impressed.

Paper quality and thickness, as well as the grey tonal range reproduction, are stunning and gives the viewer a luxurious and unique experience when browsing all the 44 images.

With a very easy to use and customizable software, the experience of creating the album was a pleasure in itself.

And on top of all, I got all of this for just £43, delivery included – great value.

I will definitely use their services again.

Watch this space:


Bronica S/ various Ilford film

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