I recently discovered that some of my work has been featured in the Summer 2103 ISSUU Elite Magazine published by JC&A. I am truly humbled by this, and can only say a big thank you to JC&A for this great honour. But of course, none of my work would be possible without the amazing ladies and gents who have the patience and good will of posing for me as models. Thank you!

Approximate translation from Italian:

One of the difficult things in photography is to eliminate what is useless. Adding is easy, but to removing is hard – only leaving what matters, what’s really being transmitted, showing and communicate intensely with only so little. Ionut Sinescu is a master in leaving only what truly counts for him in every one of his portraits thanks to a skilful use of light lines, managing to highlight and convey to his audience nothing more than what really matters. A girl who dreams of blissful Gali Prince caught in the metamorphosis of day and night. A ballerina who, after many tiring practice sessions, looks towards the light of the success to come. A guitarist, supported by his partner in crime, melting together to create magic. With an almost antique style, Ionut manages to take us far into the distant past – a past that still lives today through the eyes of his models.


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